ACT Cold Storage

First building was erected in 2004 and conveniently located within a few hundred meters from A1 Bucharest-Pitesti highway, ACT Cold Storage is considered to be the one of the largest cold storage facility in Eastern Europe.

The entire facility is fully leased on a long term to Metro Cash and Carry, Real and Auchan. ACT Cold Storage is the only distribution center for Metro and Auchan frozen and temperature-controlled products serving Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria from this facility.

The most attractive feature of ACT Cold Storage is its adaptability to any product temperature control. The freezer can be converted into a cooler and several compartments can be extended to receive different cooling loads at short notice. This makes ACT unique to any other cold storage facility.

This ultra modern cold storage facility was designed, engineered and majority manufactured in the United States of America. A complete team of U.S. engineers came and stayed in Romania to supervise the integrity of installation of such complex facility.

The initial building offers about 185,000 cubic meters of storage space, or about 22,000 pallet locations. The size and clear span of the building’s metallic structure is the first of its kind in Romania and offers the logistic provider a great flexibility of aisle/rack location.

On November 01, 2011 the newest addition to ACT Cold Storage was inaugurated: ACT 6 Fresh Fish Facility, whose main activities are receiving fresh seafood from various origins via truck, air shipment and local delivery. The facility is designed to receive the fresh fish and repackage the shipment into smaller packages destined for various Metro/Real/Auchan stores within the country. Also, further processing of fish including cleaning, cutting and repackaging can be done at the same place.

What distinguishes this modern facility from any other existing cold storage are its numerous technological implementations of equipment and engineering system, to name a few:

  • First building ever built as a combination cooler/freezer facility;
  • First introduction of vertical dock levellers in Romania, loading/unloading equipment which results in total seal of any air infiltration into storage building;
  • First use of environmentally safe and bio-degradable cooling fluid which guarantees building temperature between 0ºC down to –24ºC;
  • First time use of heat recovery from compressor cooling skid package to warm the cold storage underground substrate;
  • First time a continuous monitoring of underground soil temperature utilized in the facility;
  • First time use of continuous monitoring and control of the refrigeration system implemented directly from anywhere in the world via secure direct dial which allows engineers to elevate and modify equipment performance;
  • Aside from being the first, the cold storage facility is the highest rated in energy efficiency. In fact it will consume less energy to cool the entire facility in comparison with just warming up another dry warehouse of similar size and volume.
  • First Fresh Fish facility in Romania with a new concept in refrigeration engineering. First facility with Zero GWP (Zero Global Warming Potential), and Zero (ODP) Ozone Depleting Potential. Both of the primary and secondary cooling mediums used at ACT 6 are biodegradable and environmentally safe.