ACT capabilities range on the residential side from the coziness of small residences/villas to the quiet grandeur of mansions and palaces, supplied in classic style up or ultramodern architecture.

ACT offers a wide range of homes from 80 sq m up to your family needs. The pre-engineered metal homes are fabricated in the United States and designed to meet the local building codes.

The advantages of building in steel are numerous:

  • exceptional quality

  • unparalleled speed of installation

  • significantly lower price than conventional construction.

The open space inside the home, thanks to its smaller walls and columns, along with spacious quarters provide a flexible dwelling and ease of interior space modification. For details click here.

Whether your need for small home or large mansion, ACT has the knowledge, know how and over 26 years of experience.

ACT built several residential projects in Romania, using the same pre-engineered metal structure system, designed to withstand the high-risk earthquake region, wind and snow load.

The pre-engineered metal houses are designed with high insulating barrier, which results in substantial energy savings.