Metallic construction

ACT is the manufacturer of all of its steel buildings in the USA. The facility is considered to be the largest integrated manufacturer and marketers of metallic building components, customs engineered metal building systems and metal coil coater in North America. There are over 34 manufacturing facilities across the U.S.A. capable of meeting the client demand.

Some of the world fortune 500 companies are clients of ACT. 

ACT can assure you that all phases of the project from design to installation will proceed in a timely and professional manner. 

ACT expertise offers residential and commercial installation complete with creative design, supply of all building material and installation.

In Romania, ACT constructed and operated commercial facilities ranging from office buildings, cold storage facility, logistic parks, schools, recreation centers, medical professional buildings, auto dealership, wine processing and storage facility, manufacturing plants.

Among the various prominent developments in Romania are: 

  • Mega Distribution Center completed in 1998, the first clear span building in excess of 40 m of width, utilizing modern equipment. Mega Distribution Center was the pioneer in developing the Western side of the capital city, which later attracted some of world's largest commercial outlets: Carrefour, Metro, Bricostore, Praktiker, others. ACT is considered as the largest developer of logistic centers of the Western side of Bucharest.

  • ACT Cold Storage - ACT developed in 2003 the largest and most modern cold storage facility in Eastern Europe. The present facility with over 185,000 m3 of cold storage/freezer serves the largest wholesaler cash & carry network in Romania & Moldova. The entire project was engineered and prefabricated in the U.S.A. Bio-degradable environmentally safe cooling medium was used for the first time in our facility to achieve maximum cooling temperature with a notably reduced consumption of utilities. Heat from cooling equipment is utilized entirely within the facility, allowing substantial savings.

  • Among the various projects in which it was involved, ACT played a key role in supplying complete metal buildings, building materials to companies such as: automotive dealership, wine producer, retail shops, hotels and houses (Holiday Inn, GTT Opel, Daewoo, Vinterra, Ina Center, etc.)